Frequently Asked Questions...

What makes Nightmoves the best choice?
We have been in business since 1979 and are able bring our years of experience from thousands of shows to your one special event. We are not a fly-by-night, budget, or weekend-warrior company. Entertaining you and your guests is what we do. This requires us to use only state-of-the-art sound & lighting systems and update our pure digital music library weekly. From Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, to High School and Night Clubs our care and concern for your special event is second only to your own.

Is the price the same for any event?
Your event is unique, and one rate does not fit all. We have developed price packages that are designed to perfectly accommodate your needs. Our price package's consider the amount of sound & lighting equipment needed, your location, the times you request and many other details. all customized for you to ensure the highest rate of success.

How far will you travel?
Our Vernon location makes us widely available to the whole valley. Nightmoves serves an area from Revelstoke to Westbank and all points in between.

Is setup time included?
Absolutely. We arrive prior to your event, long before your first guests arrive. After your event, we teardown and are typically loaded in about 30-45 minutes, leaving the facility in the exact condition when we arrived.

How soon should we book?
Some of the most popular dates book as early as one year or more in advance, however most book about 6 to 12 months ahead. We recommend reserving your date as soon as possible but if you'd like to have some last minute entertainment or your current provider cancels, please let us see what we can do for you.

What is the deposit and when is the final payment due?
We require a $100.00 deposit along with a signed contract to reserve the date for your event. The balance is due on or before your event. We will gladly accept personal checks, money orders, cash or any combination thereof.

Do you take breaks?
No. From your start time until your event is complete, the music is non-stop. Unlike live bands that must stop and rest, we continue to play straight through your event, only stopping upon request.

Can we request the music to be played at our event?
Yes, of course! You may decide what is played entirely, leave the selection completely up to us, or any combination in between. Keeping your guests dancing is influenced by many factors, including the order and style in which the songs are played, they way songs are mixed together, and the DJ interaction.

Can we have a "do not play" list?
Any specific songs or types of music that you do not want to hear should go on your "do not play" list. Any requests that are on this list will not be played.

What if we want a song that you don't have?
We bring over 10,000 songs with us and have a music library archive in excess of 40,000 tracks. If you would like a specific song or songs, please let us know in advance and we will endeavour to have it at the ready.

How loud do you play the music?
As loud or as quiet as you like. We have state of the art volume knobs.

Do you carry backup equipment?
We bring two of everything to your event to ensure that a backup system is ready in case the primary fails.

Can we choose our DJ?
Yes, you may request a particular DJ or we will assign the DJ we feel will best serve your event. DJ assignment is subject to schedule availably.

Is tipping/gratuity expected by the DJ?
No. Not expected but appreciated for a good job.